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Quality Wet Goods

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Our little corner of West Virginia is known for the sulfur springs that first beckoned the native tribes, then later Europeans, and finally newly minted Americans to its healing waters.

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At Big Draft Brewing, we elevate beer to its rightful rank as the nectar of the gods.

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This is where we should plug in a slowed-down clip of a man throwing a bale of hay into the bed of a truck.

Stay with us here; it’s like this:

The chaff is flying in the sun-drenched air. The truck’s suspension recoils slowly—like a woman walking away. Sweat seeps through the man’s white t-shirt in a perfect V. He looks past the camera, dragging the back of a dirty wrist across his forehead. His grin is laced with the wince of hard days. In this fantasy, you are either the man or the one he’s thinking about.

Us? We’re the beer he’s drinking.


Sure, our beer pairs perfectly with that rugged work-hard, play-hard sensibility West Virginians are known for, but our commitment runs deeper than any stereotype. We are the beer you’re drinking.

We believe making beer is an art. Drinking beer is an event.